My Recent Projects

Here, you can see a list of all of the previous projects and applications that I have had the pleasure of working on. If you want any information or more detail on these projects, feel free to contact me.

JS File Manager
A JS web application that uses IndexedDB in order to store files inside of your browser's memory. Designed specifically to replace the Chromebook File Manager.

A info-security Capture the Flag created to be an introductory competition for people and students to get into and learn about CTFs.

A commisioned website for the people over at Cook Group. A responsive and mobile-ready website made from scratch using Bootstrap 4.

A web app that communicates with various game servers to track certain statistics like player count and the current map being played.

Our submission for Valley Hackathon IV. A website that connects Glendale with its city officials. Has a live map where citizens can post locations for emergencies or other events.

Our submission for MLH Local Hack Day 2018. Summerize is a single page application that handles all the summarizing work for you - just give it an article or a URL to mess with.